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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Local Awards, Recognitions, & Community Involvement

Real Property Management Last Frontier is one of the largest property management companies in Anchorage to Mat-Su Valley area.  Our local office has earned numerous awards and we are proud to represent the two largest cities in Alaska.  We believe this is all possible by simply following our mission:  Real Property Management Last Frontier is the model of proactive management, creating the greatest personal and financial success for all players in the leasing of real property.

UAA Weidner Property Management and Real Estate

Advisor Council and Mover & Shaker Awards

The UAA program is vital for the community.   The Weidner Property Management and Real Estate Program are one of only a handful of programs in the nation that offers a 4-year degree with a dedicated curriculum focused on the management of real estate assets. RPM is a great supporter of the program and the program director, Terry Feilds.  In 2014, RPM was invited to participate on an Advisory Council to assist UAA and Terry in their ability to improve the program and grow well round students that are able to develop careers in our local market.  In addition, RPM has hired interns from the program that have been a game changer on our internal systems. These two have even won $5,000 scholarships and “Movers and Shakers” Awards.  Being able to hire such amazing talent is why we appreciate UAA and Terry Feilds, Program Director, efforts. This is one of the many reasons as to why RPM is able to stand out and able to honor our mission to serve our customers and the local community. This program is always looking for excellent people to join the program. Click here to learn more.

“The Landlords Almanac”  – Free Monthly Education Classes

RPM found that most of the market is managed by “DIY Landlords” and that one of the best ways to improve the relationship between Landlords, Tenants, and the Anchorage Community is by educating Landlords on how to successfully and profitably be a landlord.  Since 2012, RPM created a local Anchorage group of over 600+ landlord members and 50 to 80 landlord members attend the in-person classes to network and learn from other landlords about the business.  RPM is willing to speak at any other events to assist the public in learning more about the property management industry.

For more details on the classes click here.


Interviewed on a National Podcast

kass podcast


Get Rich educationOur CEO, Kassandra Taggart, was a special guest on a National Podcast.

Kassandra was quoted, “It is a great honor to assist others in learning how to work with their managers. Most of the problems between a Property Manager and Landlord are understanding each other’s capabilities and making the joint agreement on the goals and direction of the property. When this aligns, it becomes a profitable “Win-Win” relationship.”

Get Rich Education Podcast Guest Speaker: Topic – “How to manage your property manager” – Link – 2016


Airman Award

The Airman’s Medal, awarded for noncombat valor, is among the rarest medals given by the United States. According to military websites, only about 130 have ever been awarded since its creation in 1960. There was an airplane crash and Erik Boltman was the first to go on scene, save others, and assisted the public on actions to take. “He directed and coordinated actions of civilian volunteers and authorities on further rescue actions accounting for two additional survivors,” reads the citation. “Despite the growing intensity of smoke and heat as the flames spread, Captain Boltman returned to the aircraft to assist in the removal of a fourth survivor pinned in the forward area of the aircraft. Upon learning that the pilot had erred on the passenger count, Captain Boltman rushed a fourth time to the aircraft in the attempt to locate the last passenger but was driven back as the aircraft burst into flames.”

For more details click here: – Link – 2011

Franchise of the Year


Franchise of the Year is awarded to an office that has demonstrated leadership and goes out of their way to strengthen all Real Property Management offices across the country.  This year’s Franchise of the Year is Real Property Management Last Frontier in Anchorage, Alaska.  Franchise owners Kassandra Taggart and Erik Boltman not only continue to thrive in their own business, they also participate on councils, take time to provide thoughtful ideas and feedback, generously share their time and knowledge with other franchise owners, and have a continued desire to be even better. They join previous ‘franchises of the year’ including those from the past three years:  Real Property Management Greater Milwaukee Suburbs (2015), Real Property Management Sac-Metro (2014), and Real Property Management Winchester (2013).


Author – “Pain or Profit”

Education, Discipline, and Realistic Expectations are fundamentals for profitable investors. Successful investors make decisions based on facts rather than hunches and resting on the wise as opposed to “free” opinions” – Kassandra Taggart

To Puchase the Book


Woman Entrepreneur Awards

RPM has also taken the time to coach and mentor others in business as well. As a result, the local Woman Entrepreneur of Alaska has nominated, given awards, and invited RPM to be a frequent guest speaker for the local group.

  • Guest Speaker twice and Past Board Member for Alaska Women’s Leadership Forum – 2014 * Nominated Women of the Year Award 2014 * Awarded Woman of Excellence in Business – 2017


Interviewed by – Article – 2013

National Awards & Recognition

As the largest property management company in North America, we have earned numerous awards and garnered the attention of reputable media sources.  In addition to national recognition, Real Property Management is involved in the community and has received local recognition.

Featured By

Our leadership in the property management industry has resulted in features found in major publications including the following.

wall street  US News     Market Watch     Yahoo     Reuters     Entrepreneur Magazine     Fox Business