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This Team at Real Property Management Last Frontier, simply put, are fantastic. The experience I had working with them was seamless and simple. I was looking for a quick solution, and someone to take the hassle of renting out my condo. When I approached Kassandra and her team, they took the work away from me and took care of everything. I will use them again, and recommend them to my friends and family who is looking to rent any kind of property. Worth. Every. Penny.

–Townhome Landlord, South Anchorage Alaska

RPM has been instrumental in the successful management of our rental property. Even when previous tenants came out with bogus accusations, their professional stance made it as easy as possible to deal with the issue. Last Frontier has clearly made a strong effort to put together a cohesive, strong and dedicated team that we have stopped having headaches or constant worrying about our property. I most certainly recommend them and they will continue to manage any new properties we acquire.

Military Landlord, West Anchorage Alaska …Still a Real Property Management Client

The staff is top notch and they have been a pleasure to deal with. The accounting staff specifically has been so helpful, we are forever grateful. The ownership of this office is top notch with such a helpful caring and giving heart. In todays world of instant gratification, it is hard to find folks that truly care and want to take their time to help and get it right the first time around. RPM Last Frontier is that company because the folks behind the company are truly awesome.

– Single-Family Landlord, Chugiak Alaska  …Still a Real Property Management Client

Real Property Management has taken excellent care of my property now for almost 4 years. I have been very impressed with the care they take in selecting tenants, keeping up with maintenance, and also being competitive with rents. They are a great deal for the services they offer. I have online access to my account. I approve all maintenance, and can check my monthly statements any time. When I need something or have a question RPM is easy to get in touch with and works with me until I am satisfied. I live out of state and have no worries or concerns leaving my property in the competent hands of real property management!

– Large Multi-Family Landlord, Eagle River Alaska  …Still a Real Property Management Client

Property management is a tough business but RPM works so hard to be the best. They have lots of processes in place for quality control and departments dedicated to the various areas of property management. I feel this is far above the one man shops or the realtor who moonlights as a property manager. – SFH Landlord

– Single Family Landlord Wasilla Alaska  …Still a Real Property Management Client

Patrick listened to my issues and questions. His concern was genuine. He researched what I was asking about and got back to me promptly. His customer service is excellent. I sincerely appreciated his help and would recommend he and Real Property Management Last Frontier to anyone looking for a trustworthy property manager in the Anchorage, AK area.

– Single Family Landlord South Anchorage Alaska  …Still a Real Property Management Client

Really appreciate all you and RPMLF do to help us maintain our rental property.

– Business Owner with Multi-Family Property  …Still a Real Property Management Client

Property management is a tough business but RPM works so hard to be the best. They have lots of processes in place for quality control and departments dedicated to the various areas of property management. I feel this is far above the one-man shops or the realtor who moonlights as a property manager. They also put on free classes for those who want to be landlords. Great Company.

– Condo Landlord, Independence Park, Anchorage, Alaska  …Still a Real Property Management Client

We own a few SFH properties in Anchorage that we self-managed before we found RPM. We were going to sell the property because we did not have the resources to manage it well causing expensive mistakes. We even had a tenant taking advantage of us and we were not sure how to handle the issue.  In the end, we are now financially successful, and we are keeping the rentals long term thanks to RPM.

–  Engineer, 3 SFH, Anchorage Alaska  …Still a Real Property Management Client

It’s commonly said that “free advise” is “bad advise”, but not from Real Property Management. Their team offers REAL professional advice – based on their experience with trail and error – because they want you to succeed in the real estate business. Real Property Management, is great resource for property management knowledge and the first person I go to when I am in need of expert advice about the industry.

– Has multiple rentals & adding More Rentals Landlord – Anchorage  …Still a Real Property Management Client

Thank you guys for the offer you emailed to us! We feel it would be foolish to NOT accept it, and we appreciate the generosity of RPM’ time, as this has been a long time coming to finally afford a PM. We feel you guys will be able to rent it faster, manage it better, and more efficiently, as well as command higher rents than we could on our own, thus being a long term “win” for all involved, as our plan, hope, dream is to be able to continue to grow. To attempt to self-manage these new units on our own would not be consistent with our long-term goals. Thanks a bunch. We look forward to continuing to grow and build this relationship.

– Fourplex landlord, Eagle River / Anchorage Alaska  …Still a Real Property Management Client

I never have to wait on hold! They are broken into departments that specialize in that one task. So getting in touch with a real person is easy and quick. They also have a live answer emergency line answered by an actual technician that will troubleshoot before dispatching and spending my money.

-Single-Family Landlord, Eagle River Alaska …Still a Real Property Management Client

They constantly impress me with the value that they bring to tenants, contractors, and investors alike. If you’re into real estate investing, then be an investor, not a landlord. Hire Real Property Management – Last Frontier. They will improve your life. – Landlord, Eagle River

-Single-Family Landlord, West Anchorage Alaska …Still a Real Property Management Client

What a great concept… to have a whole TEAM of people working on your property instead of just one person trying to manage hundreds of units. Loved learning about how RPM does things differently and happy to see a higher standard brought to Alaska for property management services. – Single Family Landlord, Wasilla

-Single-Family Landlord, Wailla  Alaska …Still a Real Property Management Client

The RPM team have surpassed our expectations as a property management agency. I’ve tried to make a short review and a long review to help other owners see how our experience went.

Short review:
Highly knowledgeable and professional in this market
Very helpful to new owners
Effective systems that streamline integrating new properties
High ethical and business standards
If you know what you’re doing, market and show property yourself
If you are living in the property before renting, expect visitors

Long review:
My wife and I had to move out of state and decided to put our home up for rent. After interviewing three other agencies, we met the RPM team.
Kassandra met my wife and I at her office after business hours and we interviewed her for roughly two hours. She expertly answered our questions. She not only had the answers but was able to communicate them in different ways when we did not understand at first. Her professionalism and vast knowledge of the market and property management in general set RPM apart from other agencies we interviewed.
We decided to work with RPM and the on boarding process was easy and systematic. Kassandra still made herself available when we had additional questions.
RPM did all of the marketing and showings for the property. Erik advised and helped us get the home ready for viewings. He also was an invaluable aid in setting the right price for the property. His knowledge of the market and the systems he used made it an easy and educating experience for us.
Showing the property seemed pretty easy. So, if you have the time and are good at that kind of thing, you may want to try it yourself and save a little money. For us, it was worth it to have RPM and Erik show the property. Also, if you are still living in your home and have the ‘tour yourself’ sign in the yard, expect some folks to visit unannounced. Not a big deal, just a surprise when you’re sleeping in on a Sunday morning or just about to go to bed.
We were a little nervous at first because no one was committing to our home while we were still there. However, about two weeks after we moved, RPM delivered the news that a tenant had been found. This being our first property we were stressed about filling the vacancy. Erik explained that obviously the folks looking for a home normally want to move in relatively soon. So, it’s sometimes hard to find a tenant signing weeks in advance. Either way, while two weeks seemed like forever to us, in hindsight it was a reasonable time. Again, this is our first property so we don’t really have any previous experiences to compare it to.
Now, RPM sends us monthly statements and keeps us up to date with maintenance requests or suggestions for future maintenance through e-mail. The statements are easy to read and print off for your records. So far, they have been highly responsive to any inquiries we send, no matter how detailed or trivial.
Some other notes. Any time we visited the office, the staff was polite and helpful. Someone was also always ready to help us. I did not experience it but on one visit they said they were packed just the day prior with customers. So, experiences may be different depending on what’s going on. They also take some days to conduct training, so just call ahead before going to the office. They are very well networked in the area. They have high ethical standards. Very helpful and informative if you are new to putting a home up for rent. They put in long work hours. Property management IS their business; they don’t sell homes and manage properties on the side or JUST own a business that happens to manage properties.
That was our experience. I hope it is helpful to any other owners looking for a management agency.
– Single-Family Military Landlord Eagle River Alaska. …Still a Real Property Mangaement Client


GREAT customer service! Compassion and patience when working with our elders! Thank you all very much for seeing the person first!!
– B. Dickson, Anchorage Advocacy for Elderly

What a great concept… to have a whole TEAM of people working on your property instead of just one person trying to manage hundreds of units. Loved learning about how RPM does things differently and happy to see a higher standard brought to Alaska for property management services.
– Dorthy C., Eagle River

I was shown an apartment in Mt. View by Sawyer this more and it was a great experience. He was honest, straight forward and information, and even helped me with the application process! I would recommend anyone to work with him.
– S.C Anchorage

This property management company cares. They care about their owner/clients and they care about those searching for a home. RPM is awesome and worked diligently to find me a rental that met my needs. I looked at several properties and i was very disappointed in those properties NOT managed by RPM. RPM cares enough to clean and fix the place before showing it. Some of those properties should be ashamed at how they present their properties. But RPM does take care if their properties and this reflects how they function as property managers.

– Tenant, Townhome, Anchorage

It is clear that the RPM’s staff is dedicated to helping their clients. They have an extremely convenient online site for tenants and have always been happy to help me when needed. The property I rented from them was, in my opinion, a great price and great place. It was a large two bedroom unit for a price I felt was very fair. They included cable with this price and only required electric to be paid by me, the tenant. When I unexpectedly no longer needed the place before the tenant was up, they even had a system in place for this situation. There were times I felt I needed clearer answers to certain questions, but when I presented this to their staff I soon after received these clearer answers and an apology for not providing them sooner. They have been understanding and helpful and provided a wonderful place at a fair price.
– M. Mcintyre., Anchorage

Called to follow up on an email, and Sawyer was immensely helpful! He took the time to verify that the information he was providing was correct, and he made sure that all of my questions were answered. I have thoroughly enjoyed renting from RPM Last Frontier – they make everything from paying rent online, to requesting maintenance, an easy and comfortable process.
– S.S Anchorage

Professionals in Real Estate

Real Property Management is the REAL deal in Anchorage who conducts a 5 STAR and FIRST CLASS operation for clients and tenants. As a Professional Service Provider, I work daily with dozens of property management firms and have done so for over 15 years. I genuinely appreciate how Aaron the Maintenance Manager & associates at Real Property Management are proficient and polished with their skills. The qualified staff is always courteous and punctual when responding via a call or email. I strongly believe Real Property Management is a leader in their industry and changing the game of how other property management companies in Anchorage should perform for their clients and tenants.
I tell clients and other property owners on a regular basis Real Property Management is a great pleasure to work with!
– Vent Doctors

5 star team! Aaron is a pleasure to work with! Very friendly along with being very prompt and efficient. We at Discount Mechanical Heating And Plumbing appreciate all your hard work, as it helps us continue to strive for excellence while serving our community with its heating and plumbing needs.

– Discount Mechanical

Frankly, as property management companies come, RPM files are always well documented.

– Lawyer, Expert in Landlord Tenant Laws

We’ve been doing business with RPM for a while now and they are great to work with. Aaron is one of our main contacts at the office and he is always very accommodating and helpful. We appreciate how easy they make it to work together!!! Thanks Aaron and all the staff at RPM!!!

– Denali Appliance

RPM is my go to for property management in Anchorage. They are truly professional problem solvers and care about their clients. They are always willing to help and offer advice! As another veteran owned company I am proud to send my referral business to them!

– Noble Real Estate Licensee

As both a longtime Anchorage real estate investor and host of one of America’s top investing shows, I know when someone knows the industry.
Kassandra and Erik know property management, know how to look out for an investors’ best interests, know the landlord and tenant law, and know local neighborhoods.
They constantly impress me with the value that they bring to tenants, contractors, and investors alike. If you’re into real estate investing, then be an investor, not a landlord. Hire Real Property Management – Last Frontier. They will improve your life.

– Podcast Get Rich Education

RPM Last Frontier is great! As a licensed Realtor, I send all of my rental referrals to Tanya Wheeler. She is very knowledgeable of the rental market and is very honest and upfront with us and our clients. She always makes the time to answer any of our questions. Their excellent customer service allows a piece of mind for our clients because they know they are doing the right thing and taking the time to think about the long term. If you are looking for a property management agency Real Property Management Last Frontier is the one!
– M.Seiler., Real Estate Licensee Anchorage

I’m a real estate investor here in Alaska and have known Kassandra from RPM through the local real estate exchange for about 4 yeas now. In this time I have come to value the knowledge and experience that Kassandra and the whole RPM team brings to the table. I have called Kassandra several times with questions pertaining to our rentals (which we self manage). Every time she has taken the time to help us along even though there was no direct benefit to her or RPM. It’s no wonder they have come to garner the kind of respect in the property management arena that only comes with a true willingness to serve.
I fully plan to use RPM in the future when we transition away from self-management. Keep up the great work!!
– A. Lommel Valley Investor

I’m a contractor who is regularly hired by RPM to do various repairs on all there properties so this is a review from the other end of the spectrum, without giving to much detail my company has work with every property management company in the state and RPM has the best ideals of any company I have worked for, where some of the others would ask for the bare minimum they make sure I have everything I need to ensure the job is done right and will last for years not the band-aid fixes required by the others.
I also have to mention the “customer service”(“contractor service”, would you call it?) where fast and simple responses ensures I don’t have idle guys sitting around waiting for answers to questions.
James is who I deal with primarily and his ability to get to know every single one of the tenants are amazing I would call him on some random work order and ask about the tenant and he would inform me all of the names and what they were doing, whats the best time to send someone over, all this without referring to any notes or anything from what I can tell and there must be hundreds!
Alicia is another that is a sweetheart and is just amazing at what she does, fast almost supernatural responses to everything I ask for and is reasonable to any issues that always arise.
I can go on for days on the great things the people in this company does but honestly I don’t need to, if your reading this I hope you have already made your decision to go with the best and not settle for anything less, for I only see great things in store for the future of RPM
– TWINS Property Service

The Neighborly Done Right Promise

The Neighborly Done Right Promise ® delivered by Real Property Management, a proud Neighborly company

When it comes to finding the right property manager for your investment property, you want to know that they stand behind their work and get the job done right – the first time. At Real Property Management we have the expertise, technology, and systems to manage your property the right way. We work hard to optimize your return on investment while preserving your asset and giving you peace of mind. Our highly trained and skilled team works hard so you can be sure your property's management will be Done Right.

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